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BAi Barcode Decals

Barcode Automation Industrial Decals are developed specifically for use with BAi Readers and cannot be read by any other barcode scanners. BAi Decals use a proprietary symbology developed for long range capability in harsh outdoor environments.

BAi Barcode Decals are available in 30 different color combinations allowing you to pick one that matches your corporate identity, stands out, or blends in.

Decals come in 4, 6, or 8 digit options giving you the flexibility to order the numbers that make sense for your operation. You specify exactly what numbers you want to appear when read. This enables you to use some digits for identification and others for classification.

Example usage of decal numbering

Digit 1 for cubic size. Digit 2 and 3 for a bin number. Digits 4-8 for a facility zipcode. So a Decal reading could give you 60177005 which would tell you its a 6 cubic meter bin, numbered 01, from 77005 (Houston). This is only an example, digits are entirely to your specification.

Technical Specifications

  • 2 year limited warranty, 5+ year life expectancy
  • Available in 30 color combinations
    • 8 Digit Decal Measures: 3.75" across by 7" vertical
    • 6 Digital Decal Measures: 3.75" across by 5.625" vertical
    • 4 Digital Decal Measures: 3.75" across by 4.75" vertical
  • 30 Color Combinations available
  • Guaranteed read range of 12'
  • No minimum quantity

Small Decals

Smaller decals measuring 2.25" x 3.75" are available. These have a guaranteed read range of 6'.